• Happy Quantum

    Save the happy quantums from falling into black holes. Quick rhythm, great excitement and strong music beats! Let's go... Happy Quantum is an exciting game which seems easy at first but it's not meant to be like that, it's going to get cooler, it spins, revolves and forces you into traps. Just go forward and ...

  • Poly Valley

    Poly Valley is our brand new game project in its final days of development which will be released soon. Poly Valley as a runner game will run on top of a mystery valley and you should pass it's challenging obstacles and hit your top score to compete with others.

  • Ring Mania

    Back to the good old days when you fill your ring toss toy with water and having fun diving to collect the rings. Ring Mania will let you go through an adventure of finding the lost rings at the bottom of ocean and collecting them with a magic rod. During this adventure you will face ...